Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mother's Day You Only Get One Mother Treat Her Great

The first of May rolls around every year with its bright sunshine, tulips push up from the ground, baseball season begins and the children get ready for summer vacation. But first comes Mother's Day. Since I became a mother in 1994, I love spending time with my children or young adults. It is a great time to get together for a nice dinner (Which I usually make). I don't need gifts because, in this busy world we live in spending time with my family is the greatest gift. My Mother passed away in 2000, so I always feel like an orphan when I go to church, shopping, dinner and see all the older mothers and grandmothers with their family. As a child of God I know we are not suppose to question why he makes some of the decisions he does. But at 48 years old, I still miss my Mother wishing I could receive her matronly advice one more time. So if you have a mother, mother in-law, favorite aunt who you will be spending time with on this Mother's Day. Take the time to shut off your phone and give them your full attention. Time does goes fast and you will regret not making the time for them when they were here on Earth with us. I know that my Mom even though I miss her is not hurting and so I take comfort in knowing that she has a smile on her face. I do too because, she was the greatest Mom any girl could have. Happy Mother's Day!